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Project Description
Captcha HtmlHelper for ASP.NET MVC 3 with simple ariphmetic expression. No WCF required, neither any other communications. Written in C#.

Key features

  • Render captcha image based on simple ariphmetic expressions.
  • Randomly substitutes operators by predefined text ("+" -> "plus", "-" -> "minus").
  • Text changes its color randomly.
  • No open text expressions in code - all data is stored in session store.
  • No WCF, cache, .axd etc required. Only HtmlHelper and sprecial Action for image genration.
  • Fully customizable server side. You can set font, size and other parameters via web.config file. If not - use default settings.
  • Fully customizable client side. Just redefine CSS classes for div, image and input elements.

SimpleMvcCaptcha examples


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